Chance Ecologies – Unguided Tour: Accidental, Temporary and Wild


On Sunday August 23rd, Chance Ecologies continued its monthlong series of events with an unguided tour, exploring one of New York’s last accidental waterfront wild spaces before it is swallowed by the voracious development practices that have transformed Queens’s East River edge and the waterfront of the greater city. Participants were given a rough map of the terrain and invited to find their own path, traversing the site. Through intimate and unmediated immersion into this unique post-industrial site, the tour drew upon all of our senses and culminated with an open discussion led by urbanist, critic and professor Daniel Campo, author of The Accidental Playground.

During the month of August, an ongoing series of events and installations are being organized for Chance Ecologies, leading up to a winter exhibit at Radiator Gallery.

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